Development Wheel Project

The Development Wheel Project applied a best practice tool - the Development Wheel - to training, support, and network building in B.C. and Francophone Ontario 2006 - 2008 in order to answer three questions:

  1. In what ways could we adapt the Development Wheel to make social enterprise development more effective and more efficient in various parts of the country?
  2. How could we build the capacity of organizations with regional jurisdictions to foster social enterprise by means of the tool?
  3. How might we help build provincial networks supportive of social enterprise development?

The following resources summarize the Project's results:


We gratefully acknowledge the funding support of the Rural Secretariat, FedNor and Ontario Trillium Foundation, the commitment of our regional partners: BC Centre for Social Enterprise and RDÉE in Ontario, and the participation of numerous Provincial Steering Group members in each province.

In B.C. and francophone Ontario 2006-2008