Developing Civic Indicators and Community Accounting in Canada

Indicator initiatives are mushrooming across North America. This report by Paul Reed, senior social scientist for Statistics Canada and associate director of the Carleton Centre for Applied Social Research, explains why this is happening and identifies the critical ingredients for making these efforts more effective and relevant.

It also moves us from merely thinking about civic indicators to actually contemplating a more systematic approach to designing community accounts. Of crucial importance to people researching and using indicators to create more strategic community and societal information, Reed defines more than 170 indicators and defines how accessible this data is (or isn't) in the Canadian context for communities with populations of 25,000 or greater. This is a key contribution to the development of this field in Canada and beyond.

The author has also supplied an extensive series of spreadsheet tables to demonstrate the civic indicator data. Contact CCCR to receive a copy.

Reed, Paul
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