A Day In The Life Of Le Boulot Vers ...


For nearly a generation now, Montréal's Le Boulot vers ... has been helping young people make the break from poverty, alienation, and dependency, and discover instead a world of opportunity. LBV's vehicle: a carefully-managed training and woodworking business through which interns experience the discipline and the satisfaction of being a craftsperson.

"The quality of that first contact with the client is essential. From the moment youth arrive at Boulot vers, from the first phone call, you have to listen to their needs. The youth that we help have all kinds of problems and don't know how to ask questions. Often they don't even know that they are asking for something. Making the effort to call, or simply to sign up for the earlier information session can be enormous for them. So the internship itself is a real mountain."

"You are with us for six months. For six months, you'll have a stable job and a salary to meet your needs. We want you to benefit from it by setting objectives that will improve your quality of life. Our goal, in a way, is to teach you how to learn - to teach you that you can change."

Mottet, Anne-Marie
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