Comprehensive Community Initiatives


Many cities are trying to undermine poverty with comprehensive, long-term action - action rooted in local energy and assets, yet insistent on government and corporate participation. Mark Cabaj examines the practice of CCIs and how we "step up" their effectiveness in community building.

"The push behind every CCI is the hope that it might generate the scale, the depth, and the durable results that conventional, fragmented approaches to complex issues cannot. Yet, the very fact that it weaves together such diverse players and actions means that the journey of each CCI is unpredictable and risky.... Yet CCIs also demonstrate that, armed with a comprehensive analysis, a considered TOC, and the diverse skills and political clout of a growing membership, people can start undermining some of the structural reasons for poverty.

"Novelty of local intervention is not the issue here. The point is that CCIs not only deliberately take on the systemic causes of poverty (among other issues), but also bring to the table networks, organizing finesse, and political clout that can design and manage initiatives far larger in scale, and far more likely to succeed, than has been possible in the past."

What we know so far (Part I)
Cabaj, Mark
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