The Communities Matrix


This is a 10-level grid that communities in B.C.'s southern interior have been using to rough out their current capacity for revitalization and the stages by which they might increase that capacity. Mike Stolte (CFDC of the Kootenays) invites your comments on how good a balance the Communities Matrix strikes between precision and practicality.


"If you have lived in a community long enough, you accumulate interactions, experiences and observations that form a much deeper reading of the community than a newcomer's simple walk down the street. The Matrix harnesses these perceptions to gain an understanding of the community. It describes 10 different levels or stages a community can go through from 'highly conflicted' at the bottom to a 'learning culture' stage at the top.

"At each of the ten levels, there is a list of characteristics that the community might display, what prevents the community from moving up to the next level, and what the community needs to move up to the next level. Communities on the four lowest levels are 'struggling,' those at the middle three are 'functioning,' while those at the top three levels are 'highest functioning' ..."

Is your community sinking, treading water or sailing merrily along?
Stolte, Mike
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