Building the Ecological Food System


Launched in the early 1980s as a charitable response to hunger in Toronto, FoodShare has grown into a champion of community-led initiatives in food preparation, education, enterprise, and public policy. Yet systemic change is still far off. What's missing?

"FoodShare is a singularly 'flat' organization - more like a movement, really, than an organization. It has infrastructure and capacity that can enable residents to turn ideas into pilot projects, and pilot projects into long-term initiatives.

"FoodShare cannot bring about a transition to a local, sustainable food system all by itself. Government policies and practices must recognize and buttress the groundswell of people who are acting on their determination to put food first at all levels of society.What FoodShare can do is incubate these individuals and ideas and projects, model their integration, always changing and learning from the the people and communities we work with, offering a living demonstration of how a local, sustainable food system might look and operate ..."

From hunger to health, ecosystems, & communities
Field, Debbie
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