The Beginning of The Middle


A king-size gathering of CED and social economy activists in Trois-Rivières this past May looks like a harbinger of the future for the community sector. There will be more people, a greater diversity of interests and expertise, more attention from government and the private sector - and a crying need for the capacity to handle all this. You thought the last 15 years were challenging? Wait till you see the next 15.


"CED and the social economy are now on the public radar, rather than skimming below it, as the slot allotted to them in the 2004 federal budget confirms. The Beginning is over. So what will the Middle look like?

"It will probably have a lot in common with the national conference held May 19-22 in Trois-Rivières, Québec: bilingual, multinational, overbooked, understaffed, exhausting, exhilarating - straining almost to breaking point the capacity of small organizations to accommodate the needs, expertise, preferences, and interests of an unprecedented number of participants and on-lookers ..."

Trois-Rivières hosts the 2004 National CED Conference
McNair, Don
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