Alternative Food Production & Marketing


Consumers have spoken, and the answer is "no." Community-shared agriculture, certified labelling, and even farmers' markets barely register in Manitoba's current economy. It's time for government to approach locally-controlled agriculture as an R&D issue, not a matter for the market alone.

"A community food security movement is emerging that promotes decentralization, community action, local decision making, and a focus on regional and small-scale agricultural production.... In light of this, we researched the Manitoban experience of three small-scale food production and marketing models designed for regional food systems: Community Shared Agriculture (CSA), The Winnipeg Humane Society Certified labelling program for meat products, and Farmer's Markets.

"The results were not encouraging. Food security issues notwithstanding, these models have but a marginal economic impact on the lives of both producers and consumers. On the plus side, the results also give some direction as to what we must do to make these three models practical alternatives in Manitoba's rural communities and urban neighbourhoods."

Small-scale local food production faces big barriers in Manitoba
Doucette, Kreesta
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